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Welcome to the Harden Foundation

The Harden Foundation was established in 1963 by Ercia and Gene Harden. Their hard work and good fortune in agriculture in the Salinas Valley produced the legacy that has, through their foresight and generosity, become today's Harden Foundation. The Harden Foundation is committed to build and expand upon the visions of Mr. and Mrs. Harden.

We take pride in providing funding to a variety of qualified nonprofit organizations in Monterey County and we hope to continue to develop other resources that will benefit and aid them in their missions to serve our local communities. The foundation recognizes that the dynamics and size of Monterey County will continue to present new challenges to the organizations that serve our communities. The Board remains committed to funding programs that serve only Monterey County residents and they will continue to research additional ways to help the nonprofit community to interact and communicate with one another.

The Harden Foundation headquarters, historic Wind Engine and auxiliary buildings, the Harden home, and the beautifully manicured gardens are situated on six acres that now represents an island in the middle of a residential development in the North Salinas area. We engage a variety of professionals to help preserve the style and history of this unique home and grounds. Landscaping, maintenance, restoration, and continuous upkeep have kept the Harden estate in a condition of �time preservation�. The result provides a beautiful, peaceful, and quiet setting. We offer the use of the estate for meetings, trainings or retreats to nonprofit organizations. The Harden Foundation takes pride in sharing and preserving the estate that Eugene and Ercia Harden shared with their friends and community.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you have the opportunity to visit the historic Harden Estate.

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Wind Engine Restoration Project
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